Our Founders

The fulfillment of a dream is but the beginning of a new struggle.   Nothing stands still. From our forefathers we have received the ever-evolving tradition: it is for us to convey it to our children, that they may add to it, reinterpret it, and implement it in their lifetime.   And as we do our part in our lifetime, thus let us give them their opportunity.
                                                                                                                              Chaim Weizman

Thank you to our founders whose vision, dedication and hard work have provided us over 60 years of opportunities  to strengthen our community and honor our ancestors.

David z”l and Ethel z”l Baxter
Ida z”l and Murray z”l Berg
Eugene z”l and Renee z”l Brand
Richard and Edith Burbell
Sol z”l and Eileen z”l Chaikin
Irving z”l and Charlotte z”l Diton
Stanley and Ethel Feinberg
Fred and Ethel Hoffman
Melvin z”l and Myrna Hoffman
Melvin z”l and Florence Jacobson
Harold Kail
Muriel Kail
Benjamin z”l and Susi z”l Kleiman
George z”l and Rhoda z”l Kopp
Leon z”l and Renee z”l Lazer
Daniel z”l and Margie z”l  Leeds
Martin z”l and Frances z”l Liebman
William z”l and Gloria z”l Mandel
Jospeh z”l and Gloria z”l Marcus
Sidney z”l and Frieda z”l Paley
Norman z”l and Marilyn z”l Pell
David z”l and Ruth z”l  Pollack
Ralph z”l and Nettie z”l Rhein
Seymour and Blanche Schreck
Arnold and Joan Sinkin
Seymour z”l and Marilyn Sinkin
Meyer z”l and Ruth z”l Steinberg
Edith and Donald Steingisser
Seymour and Shirley z”l Strasser