On January 4, 2022, our congregation voted

to change the name of our synagogue

to Melville Jewish Center


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MELVILLE JEWISH CENTER IN THE NEWS!  Watch News12 Long Island’s coverage of our Daffodil Project.  For more information about the event, click here.

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Hanukkah is coming – Participate in Sisterhood’s Toy and Gift Card Drive

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Join us Friday night December 16 for a musical Shabbat service followed by our annual Latkes and Vodka

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Come down on Tuesday December 20 for our Community Hanukkah Celebration

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Open to the wider community – Join us for our monthly themed class for children ages 0-6, Mazel Tots – Introduce your children and grandchildren to the rhythm of the Jewish calendar through play, art, stories and movement that will engage the whole child.  Our next class is on December 4, focusing on Hanukkah.  Click here for other dates for this year.

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‘… if you would, do not go on without stopping by …  Let some water be brought, and wash your feet.  Rest under the tree.  I will get a morsel of bread for you to refresh yourselves.  Then you can continue on your way.  After all, you are passing by my house.’  Bereishit 18:3-5

At Melville JC we see ourselves as Abraham and Sarah, with our tent open to you, typically with something to nosh!  Please join us, even if you are only passing through.  As you will see from this portal, there is much here we offer for you and yours.  Learn about our people and our programs.

We welcome you to study, pray, and serve with us!, Come, Engage, Participate and Belong!

Special Events


    Do you have or know a child in the area 3-6 years old?  We are holding programs designed to engage our young children before they start full-time Religious School.  Our next program will be on Saturday, April 30 – Teddy Bear Shabbat.  Join us. We held a fun and exciting Prince and Princess Tea Party Continue Reading »

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