Last summer I stumbled upon a Facebook ad for a Melville Jewish Center – Melville JC class for my 10 month old son. I read the comments and everyone was raving about the teacher. I thought maybe it’s just her friends supporting her. Either way, the price was right and it got me out of the house with my little one. 

After the first class, I knew it wasn’t just her friends writing nice things. This teacher was pure magic. I say that as a Speech Language Pathologist in the schools for years who has observed a variety of teachers. Needless to say we’ve continued classes there and not once has this ever been a “daycare” or “babysitting” type feeling. Miss Jess gets on the kids level, leads with love, warmth, patience and curiosity. She incorporates her lessons with sensory exploration, loose parts creativity that evokes language opportunities. She even uses the strategies I’ve been trained in to facilitate with the separation transition. I always joke with friends that Miss Jess belongs in a private school on the UWS with $45k tuition. She’s that incredible. 

In full disclosure I had a deposit at a school elsewhere, but after meeting Miss Jess and the warm director at MJC, I knew this place was special. The director has been working around young children before I was born and she’s as hands on and loving as my son’s teachers. I’m pretty sure my son thinks the director is one of his teachers. It’s truly an incredibly strong team filled with love for the really little ones. We really lucked out with this ideal learning environment. Added bonus- I met really great mom friends there too. 

I know picking a school/classes can be confusing and stressful. Please reach out if you have any questions. The early childhood program I’ve experienced thus far at MJC is 100% SLP and mom approved.  

Michelle Yackow, MA CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist