Interfaith and Inclusivity

Regardless of what your family looks like, everyone is invited to be a part of Melville JC – MJewish Community!

We welcome both Jewish and non-Jewish family members to worship at all services. Weekday, Shabbat and holiday services are open to members of all faiths.

Single parent families, adoptive families and children, couples, multicultural families, divorced parents, families with disabilities, widowed parents, LGBTQ+ families –  there is a place for you and your loved ones here at the Melville Jewish Center.

Our clergy are available to officiate at a variety of lifecycle events, to celebrate happy occasions, simhas, and for pastoral support when needed. Everyone is welcome to all of our adult education classes, and our community is excited to welcome new members to all of our activities and programs!

Whoever you are – we hope you will come to learn, pray, and be a part of our warm and inclusive Jewish community!