Shalah Manot

Purim, a time of merriment and great fun, is one of the happiest of Jewish holidays. The festival of Purim celebrates the biblical story of Esther and commemorates the Jewish people’s success over people who tried to destroy them.

One special mitzvah of Purim is the sending of Shalah Manot baskets (special Purim foods and other gifts) to ones’ friends and neighbors.  Sisterhood makes this mitzvah easy by making the baskets for the congregants to send to each other.

The contents of the basket vary from year to year but they are always chock full of delicious goodies. Some items are gluten-free, some are nut-free. We never know until the very end what will be in the baskets. That’s part of the fun — seeing what is in the basket.  Thank you to all of the generous companies who donated their product for these baskets.