Rules for Zoom® and Electronic Voting

1. Only members in good standing, as determined by the Finance Manager, Finance VP and Treasurer, shall be entitled to vote.

2. Members will be encouraged to attend the meeting remotely via Zoom® in order to ask questions, hear the answers to any questions asked by others, and hear and participate in any discussion.

3. Following discussion, those who attend by Zoom® will be asked to vote (a) for, (b) against, or (c) abstain, via a poll on Zoom®.

4. Members will be requested to only open one Zoom® window per household or only vote on one window.  (Spouses who wish to split their vote should e-vote per item 5b below.)

5. The following shall be permitted to e-vote:
(5a) Members who state that they cannot attend the meeting via Zoom®, and
(5b) spouses who wish to split their vote.

6. E-votes shall be cast by e-mail to

7. To be counted, e-votes in the 5a category must be received by the President prior to the start of the meeting and e-votes in the 5b category must be received by the President prior to the close of the Zoom® voting per item 3 above.

8. E-votes shall be reported at the meeting by the President and added to the votes reported by the poll.

9. The total of the votes reported by the poll and the e-votes reported by the President shall be the final vote.