Passover celebrates the most important event in Jewish history, which is the Jewish peoples’ exodus from Egypt. This holiday recalls the liberation of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt, their eventual freedom and their arrival in the promised land in Canaan. Passover is celebrated for eight days with a special meal, special foods, and specific traditional practices.


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Matzoh Balls from Cheryl Haiken
Brisket from Pam Schwartz
Matzo Chicken Pie from Amy Zuker
Chicken Cutlets with Pecans from Meyer-Schwartz-Spevack Family Recipes
Peach Kugel from Cheryl Haiken
Broccoli Souffle from Amy Zuker
Apple Matzah Kugel from Meyer-Schwartz-Spevack Family Recipes
Passover Muffins from Meyer-Schwartz-Spevack Family Recipes
Coconut Macaroons from Sharon Albert
Macaroons from Cheryl Haiken
Matzah Break Up from Lisa Travis
Matzo Granola from Nancy Hauser
Mandel Bread from Amy Zuker
Mandel Bread from Karen Lippman

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