Musical Ensembles



The SHJC Choir is a multi-generational ensemble which gathers together to join Rabbi Ian Jacknis for the High Holidays at South Huntington Jewish Center. In addition to singing for the High Holiday services, members of the choir also join to participate in annual concerts at South Huntington, as well as other community related events and services. All participants are members of the congregation who enjoy bringing their illuminated expression of music to the experience of faith. The SHJC Choir imparts Ruah and inspiration to the services and events in which they participate, as they share their love of prayer and music with the community.




The Shabbat Shel Ahava Instrumental Ensemble joins throughout the summer months to bring the joy of music to our pre-service reception and Kabbalat Shabbat services. A dedicated group of professional and amateur musicians from the community, the ensemble gathers each week to share in joyfully expressive new and familiar melodies for Kabbalat Shabbat.  Each Friday evening, this versatile group of musicians enjoys inspiring the community with a wide variety of music from the liturgy, and often energizes the congregation with a spirited selection of Israeli dances, helping to welcome Shabbat with great enthusiasm and joy. The Ahava Instrumental Ensemble has joined with the SHJC choir, and Religious School students in enthusiastic events like the the Hanukkah Sing-Along at the Walt Whitman Mall and the Yom Haatzmaut Zimria.