Kitah Dalet

Dalet (6th grade):

In Dalet class, the students have mastered Kabbalat Shabbat and the Ma’ariv (evening) service and are now working on parts of the Shacharit (morning) and Torah services.  They even get their feet wet for B’nai Mitzvot by practicing a small snippet of Torah reading during a Shabbat morning service.  One highlight of the Dalet class is the Hesed (kindness) program where the students focus on Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) with a year-long focus on mitzvah projects that are relevant, engaging and hands-on.  These mitzvah projects can include volunteering at a food pantry, raising money with a charity walk, making sandwiches for a soup kitchen, collecting items for families residing in Homeless shelters or creating a “birthday in a box” for needy children.  For more information about their Hesed projects, past and current, click here. Additionally, students will learn about the lives of famous Jews and how they exuded Jewish values.