Kitah Bet

Bet (4th grade):

Like Alef, the students have the same option of choosing the traditional two day program or the one day a week Flex program where they attend in-person class only one day per week and are then paired with a Hebrew tutor in lieu of a second day of instruction.  (The student can meet the tutor virtually or in-person at a mutually convenient time during the week.)  The Hebrew instruction builds on the foundations that they learned in Alef, and introduces root words and prefixes, increased vocabulary and an increase in fluency.  The Bet students will learn the non-abridged version of the Kabbalat Shabbat psalms as well as parts of the Ma’ariv (evening) service.  They add more brachot to their repertoire, start building a greater connection to Israel, and their Torah curriculum takes them beyond the Five Books of Moses.  Finally, the students will take part in a brachot workshop where all kinds or brachot are reinforced and celebrated in a hands-on manner.