Kitah Alef

Alef (3rd grade):

In Alef, our students start coming two days per week, unless they choose the one day a week Flex option where they attend in-person class only one day per week and are then paired with a Hebrew tutor in lieu of a second day of instruction.  (The student can meet the tutor virtually or in-person at a mutually convenient time during the week.) During their time in Alef, the students focus on letter and sound recognition at a much more in-depth manner, learning more prayer vocabulary and really beginning to string sounds together.  They review Shabbat brachot and add holiday related brachot to their repertoire.  The culmination of the Alef year is the consecration service where the students each receive their own siddur and lead an abridged version of the Kabbalat Shabbat service.  Additionally, the Alef students focus on the stories early in the Torah and begin a connection to Israel through song, dance, crafts and cooking.


It is not a requirement to have attended our K-2 program.