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Heather Welkes, Principal
(631) 421-3224, ext. 12

Roni Cohen, Education Vice President

Want a flexible schedule?

Our Alef and Bet classes (3rd and 4th grade) have a Flex option!

You can register for our traditional 2 day a week program or sign up for our 1 day a week FLEX class.

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Dalet Hesed Project
Practice your Hebrew for 10 minutes a day, 5 days a month (outside of Religious school) and you can soak the Rabbi and Principal on the last day of school!  Click here for more information.


Support our Religious School and enjoy a fresh challah for your Shabbat.


General Information and Overall Philosophy:

Our school is a partnership between the synagogue and the home, between the parent body and those who work to educate your children. It is our overarching goal to nurture the soul of every Jewish child and family.

Special Programming:

  • The students at Melville Jewish Center, formerly South Huntington Jewish Center, are always excited on Chugim (club) day, because they get to choose where their learning takes them. On Chugim day, the students will sign up for the special program that is of interest to them, giving them the gift of choice.  There will be multiple projects going on at once – trivia, cooking, arts and crafts, dance, etc – and the students only problem is that there is too many fun activities to choose from.
  • One highlight of our religious school program is hosting a Shinshin – a young adult from Israel who is spending one year on Long Island working with children as an ambassador to Israel. This young adult will come to class each week, eager to share an Israeli game, a popular song, or even an Israeli candy to help our students build a greater connection to Israel.  This Shinshin will also attend an occasional Shabbat service or Family Education program as he/she is not just here to serve the religious school but to serve the entire synagogue community.

Our Principal:

Heather Welkes is thrilled to be starting her third year as Principal at Melville Jewish Center, formerly South Huntington Jewish Center. She has two education degrees and has over twenty years of teaching experience.  Heather has worked in several Religious Schools, and serves as a Principal at another conservative synagogue that meets on opposite days.  On top of that, Heather owns her own side business that offers musical “Mommy and Me” classes to children under 5.

Heather has always loved all things Jewish and her childhood synagogue was her home away from home, where she was involved in many facets including youth group, youth choir, the theater program and volunteering as a religious school teacher assistant. In her spare time, Heather enjoys playing with her kids, ages 9 and 13, scrapbooking, dabbling in the ukulele and being out in nature, usually with a cup of coffee in her hand.

Heather loves working as a principal because it allows her to use her creative energy to execute the curriculum in new and engaging ways. She keeps up to date with the world of Jewish education by attending network meetings through the Jewish Education Project, and attending professional development programming. She loves working with the kids in our program and looks forward to another wonderful year!

For Hanukkah 2019 (pre-covid), our Religious School visited Gurwin Assisted Living Community and performed a Holiday Concert with the help from Rabbi Jacknis.