One of our Ritual Vice Presidents will get in touch with you a few weeks before your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah.  At that time they will go over honors and what is expected from the family.

Below are templates for the Aliyot and Honors for the specific service.  The synagogue reserves three of the Torah blessings for the congregation for only the Saturday morning services.  You are welcome to use as many other honors as you wish.   The first two Torah blessings go to a Kohain and a Levi.  If you don’t have anyone for a particular honor, the synagogue will find a congregant.  Only one person gets an honor and there should be no repeats.

Saturday Morning                    Saturday Evening–Minhah Maariv Havdalah                     Rosh Hodesh

Ritual needs both Hebrew and English names for the Torah blessings and Hagbah and G’lilah (lifting and tying of the Torah).  The full Hebrew name consists of the person’s Hebrew name along with his or her father’s and mother’s Hebrew name.  Only English names are needed for the other honors.  Click below for the before and after Torah Blessings:

Blessings before and after Torah reading
Audio of Blessing before Torah reading
Audio of Blessing after Torah reading
Video of Blessings before and after Torah reading

Some rules of the congregation:
1. While one must be Jewish for a number of Torah honors (i.e. aliyot, Hagbah, Gelilah, etc.) other honors (in particular a number of English readings) are equally available to Jews and to non-Jews alike.
2. All male guests should wear a yarmulke.
3. Jewish males should wear a tallit.
4. Married Jewish women should have a head covering.
5. Women called for an honor need to have their shoulders covered.
6. When two people are called to the Torah for an aliyah, they need to be a married couple.
7. Please no cell phones, cameras, or electronic devices allowed on the Shabbat.