Bar/Bat Mitzvah


This is an exciting and momentous occasion in your child’s life.    The ceremony marks the coming of age in Jewish tradition, where the community recognizes the Bar/Bat Mitzvah by calling them up to read Torah and participate in services. 

A Bar/Bat Mitzvah marks the time in a person’s life when the larger community begins to view that person as an adult.  In the Jewish tradition, a person is now capable of assuming more responsibilities, observing laws from the Torah, Mitzvot, participating in religious rituals, and being counted as part of a Minyan.

We are excited to share this moment with you and want to help make it special for you. We created a guidebook for you explaining the process at SHJC.  We hope this helps, but never hesitate to contact our Bar/Bat Mitzvah Coordinator Roz Rudofsky with any questions at

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Guidebook
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