B’Yachad (Together)


Join us as we reconvene our Women’s Rosh Hodesh group, B’Yachad (Together).  B’Yachad is a Women’s Group for study and fellowship that will meet, usually, on the first Wednesday of the month.  In these sessions, we will celebrate together–whether through prayer, ritual, study or discussion of relevant topics.

On March 4, B’Yachad gets ‘Into the Mood for Purim.’  We will share stories of our Purim traditions and celebrations.  We will look to Queen Esther for inspiration as a woman who stood up for her people in their hour of need.  We will share examples from our own lives of female heroes who stood up for their beliefs.  We will also look at some examples of women in Jewish history who stood up on behalf of the Jewish people.  Come share inspiration, meet with new people and reconnect with old friends.

If you can, come with your Hebrew name, your mother’s and her mother’s.  The chain of tradition contained in our Hebrew names is always fascinating.
Open to SHJC and SHJC Sisterhood members.  We are asking for an $18 donation to the SHJC for participation in these classes.   Scheduled dates are March 4, May 6 and June 3, 2015.  Future dates to be published at a later time.
To RSVP online, please fill out the form below.
For more information, contact Leslie Chibnik at leshart@optonline.net