Hesed Helpers

Hesed Helpers


About the Hesed Helpers –

The Hesed Helpers is a group of SHJC congregants who volunteer to help others through acts of kindness.  Please join us!  Among the good deeds that we may do are offering rides to those who need help getting around, visiting nursing homes, running errands, making minyans, giving caretakers a break by staying with someone who needs care or assistance at home, welcoming guests into our homes for Shabbat hospitality, and visiting hospital patients.

As Rabbi Jacknis has written, “the list [of hesed activities] goes on and on and on. These however are just a few examples of the many possible acts of hesed that [we] can do.  The possibilities are as endless as our . . . imagination and the goodness in our heart[s].

If every member of the congregation contributed just one hour to visit a nursing home or to participate in one minyan or gave one ride to someone who needed it, we could accomplish so much.

In addition to helping each other, the Hesed Helpers was established to help Rabbi Jacknis, who is often called to provide help or support.  Accordingly, we are seeking to create a “Hesed Hotline,” a list of congregants who can be on call when assistance is needed.  Please add your name to the Hotline.  When a request comes in, a member of the Hesed Helpers will call to see if you can offer your time and services.  If you can, great!  If the time is not good for you, not to worry and certainly no obligation.


To join the Hesed Helpers and / or add your name to the Hesed Hotline, please call or e-mail Allen Hecht (631)-424-1922, hesed@shjc.org).

Finally, if you or someone you know needs assistance in any way, of course, please call or e-mail today.  Confidentiality is assured.   CURRENT HESED PROJECTS   BIKUR HOLIM Announcing our newest initiative, Bikur Holim, visiting the ill.  If you or someone you know is ill and would like a visitor, please send the information (name, hospital / health facility, telephone number) to bikurholim@shjc.org.  The information must be received by end of the day on Tuesday.  It will then be published in the weekly e-Notice.