Did you know…

Meyer Steinberg’s mother said she would donate a Torah if SHJC agreed to purchase a second one so the shul would have the required 2 Torahs.  It was dedicated by Freda Steinberg in memory of Jacob Louis Steinberg in 1961.

SHJC has 2 Torahs that survived the Holocaust.  Both are in cases in the sanctuary.

Meyer Steinberg z”l was SHJC’s first Ritual Vice President and continued to be our Gabbai for Shabbat services until his passing in June 2021.

In 1962 Groundbreaking of SHJC synagogue building at 2600 New York Avenue.

1963 was the first service at the new SHJC synagogue home.  Before, we were in a storefront on Route 110.

In 1964 Rabbi Shapiro and Cantor Kamil join the SHJC community.

1966 the first Bar Mitzvah was performed.  David Steinberg, son of Meyer and Ruth z’l Steinberg, was the Bar Mitzvah boy.

1968 the Synagogue Cooperative Nursery School is formed and directed by our member, Evelyn Maiman.

In 1969 the second expansion begins.  Youth Group has 200 members.

In 1970 there were almost 1,000 people participating in the High Holy Services.

In 1971 25 children enroll in SHJC’s new nursery school with Miss Bea.

In 1972, a permanent sanctuary was added.

In 1972 Roberta Greenberg receives the first SHJC Sisterhood Queen Esther Award.

SHJC used to have a championship youth group basketball team in the 70’s.

SHJC currently has a winning Men’s Club Softball Team.

In 1980, Rochelle Shapiro is chosen as Sisterhood’s Woman if Achievement.

In 1982 culminated the first adult Bat Mitzvah class; 16 women celebrated becoming a Bat Mitzvah,

In 1983 The Nursery school was formed.  It was a cooperative school for the previous 16 years.

In 1983, Men’s Club gave their first SHJC’s Men’s Club Award to Leslie Girsky.

In 1984 Sisterhood donates 19″ color TV to the Religious School.

In 1986 Rabbi Morris Shapiro retires and is named our Rabbi Emeritus.

In 1988 Milton Weinberg commissioned a Sefer Torah in memory of Sarah Weinberg for SHJC.

In 1988 SHMA (Suffolk High Midrasha Academy) begins at SHJC.

In 1993 Rabbi Ian Jacknis and Suri join our SHJC family with their 3 children, Noam, Yael and Nava.

First Shabbat under the Stars was held in the Summer of 2000.

The most recent expansion was completed in 2001.

In 2004 Hazzan Brain Baruch Shamash joins the SHJC family.

In 2005 Hazzan Shamash marries Emily Gordon and the SHJC family continues to grow!

2007 began our Summer of Ahava Kabbalat Shabbat services.

In 2008 printing of the bulletin, Ha Hodesh, stopped and SHJC became GREEN.

In 2016 Hazzan Randall Levin joins the SHJC family, along with his wife Emily and children Henry and Michael.

In 2021, Rabbi Jacknis retires after 28 years as our rabbi and Rabbi Orrin Krublit and his wife Meira and son Asher join our SHJC family as of August 1.